I remember when I was 14 years old standing around at the rink, looking at the results of a skating test I had just completed, which I passed. I was standing close to my two training mates and their family, huddled together, crying, at what was their last skate as figure skaters. The two skaters loved to skate, but the hobby was too expensive for their family. It was a deeply emotional moment for the family and my coach.

Stories like this are not uncommon in ice sports. There usually comes a point where each family has to decide if figure skating is feasible financially, and the answer depends on the skater’s potential. Should we stay or should we go? Such things are deeply personal questions, and responses vary by families’ fiscal situations.

How much do Skating Lessons Cost?

Figure Skating Coach(es): $60 and up an hour

This cost depends on the level of the skater and the experience of the coach.As a skater becomes more advanced in his or her technique, the more likely it is that multiple “specialty” coaches would be hired. For example, someone may have an overall coach, a jump coach, and a skating skills coach.

This cost depends on who is doing the choreography. Ifit’sthe coach (which is typical for lower-level skaters), it will be the same fees as coaching costs. Elite skaters will use a separate choreographer, who will charge around the same as coaches, or sometimes more because they are more in demand.

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