Figure Skaters Online‘s website administrator Gina Capellazzi spoke with Sean after Nationals and checked in with him again to see how the coronavirus was impacting his planned tour. This Q&A is a combination of their interviews from January and March.

Figure Skaters Online (FSO)What did you think of your Nationals performances, especially since you weren’t sure you were even going to compete this season?

Sean Rabbitt: The reason I decided to compete this season was I had made a really good placement in the ISU’s [Season Best list] top 75. One of my goals as an athlete is to compete on the Grand Prix circuit. I have competed internationally a number of times now and I’ve even medaled internationally. So being on the ISU’s top 75, it really gives you a better chance than just getting the Skate America TBD position or something. So that kind of lit my flame to want to continue competing. And besides that, I have a great fan base. People love my skating. So for me, it felt right (to compete).

Regardless of the ISU’s position, if I wanted to compete internationally, I needed to get the score to be in the ISP [U.S. Figure Skating‘s International Selection Pool] because I had missed it by just two points at the 2019 U.S. Championships. So to do so, I had to try and get it at Glacier Falls or one of the summer competitions. So unfortunately, that (Glacier Falls) did not go well. I really honestly felt broken at that time and a lot of people actually criticized me for feeling that way because they are like, ‘Oh it’s a summer competition. Like who cares. You have the rest of the season.’ I don’t think people …

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