The COVID-19 pandemic kicked all skaters out from the ice. News like coaching changes at those of Trusova and Kostornaia’s cases; or skaters far away from their training places, like Medvedeva; have marked the news during the summer.

The Russian Tests Skates 2020 make it clear that, despite difficulties, no Russian ice skaters want to be left behind this season. Falls, setbacks, anger, and dedication. These four words can sum up the afternoons of September 12th and 13th, when Moscow was the centre of attention.

The falls divided among the seven women who presented their new programs in the Russian capital. The setbacks such as Samodurova’s departure because of fever. Kostornaia’s anger main feeling, the reason why she did not agree with her short program, and directly refusing the free one. And the dedication for the effort they has taken to go out and give everything, even when they are inappropiate conditions…

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