As much as she misses “everything,” from school to skating, the off-ice training has made her feel stronger, she says.

To work her skating skills, she has a spinner, which looks like a footprint on the floor, minus the toes, that the skater uses to work centering and balance.

“I’ve been sleeping in and getting lots of sleep. I’m eating a lot of healthy stuff, having smoothies, plates of vegetables,” she says.

For Alexa Knewblewski, 14, the time off-ice has helped heal some nagging injuries in her calf muscles.

The Grade 8 student at C.R. Judd competes in the juvenile ladies division and enjoyed a season where she beat both her personal best scores in her short and free skates. As well, her double jumps became more consistent and her footwork sequences became stronger. She added new spin variations and positions that she couldn’t do last year.

Off-ice workouts with family are now her daily routine, with brother Josh, who won volleyball MVP at Cambrian College this year, and Ryan, who also helps Alexa with her workouts.

She runs five kilometres on the elliptical machine, joins the SSC for online workouts and does cardio work dancing to music

“I think it’s good, but I could be doing more,” she reflects. “I just like to be active. To keep myself in the skating feel, I’ve been spinning on my skater spinner.”


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