Cain-Gribble and partner Timothy LeDuc along with Amber Glenn hadn’t been on the ice since mid-March because of the coronavirus, so the Team USA skaters who are based in Dallas jumped at the chance to get back on the ice when Spirit Ice Arena re-opened, even if it meant the car ride was longer than the practice session.

“It was very interesting to see what the conditioning was like and how they felt,” said coach Peter Cain. “They felt pretty strong although they hadn’t been in skates for a number of weeks they had been rollerblading quite a bit, so that was a little bit different. They felt like their weight was shifted back a little bit when they put the skates on, so that was a little bit different for the first 30 minutes. But today was essentially just getting back out there and trying a few things. We didn’t do any of the big things that they normally do; we didn’t lift and we didn’t do any of the big throws, or the twists and all that kind of stuff. It was just getting back on and feeling their edges trying to get their balance back.”

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