For a lot of outdoor activity enthusiasts, summer is the time they look forward to most, being able to get out in the sun and fresh air to enjoy their favorite sport. However for winter sports fans, the loss of snow-covered mountains and frozen lakes means they are restricted to artificial ski slopes and ice rinks. If you are passionate about your ice-skating, there are rinks open all year round for you to practice on and maintain your skills. Many are indoors, but there are outdoor rinks open during the summer months, so you don’t have to miss out on soaking up some sun, but have you considered trying some alternative sports over the summer?

Water sports

If you don’t want to stray too far from the lakes, there are plenty of water sports to choose from. You could go for the adrenaline rush of water-skiing or don some scuba gear and explore the depths of some amazing lakes full of fascinating wildlife, shipwrecks and abandoned buildings. Kayaking and paddle boarding are growing in popularity, and you can find out more about these sports by exploring specialist websites such as You may feel like a break from high-intensity sport for a while, and if so there are plenty of opportunities for fishing and river cruising on lakes and rivers across the country.

Lake George fallHeading inland

Every US state has some amazing national parks and wilderness areas, and there are a variety of ways of getting out and exploring the countryside. Lace up your hiking boots and head off along the guided trails that you’ll find in the woods, or explore the mountain bike routes. It’s easy to hire bikes if you don’t have your own. Horseback riding is a wonderful way of covering a lot of ground and getting to areas you couldn’t have reached on foot. You can immerse yourself in the wild by camping or enjoy a bit of luxury in a forest lodge, and in many parks, there are other activities like ziplines, nature trails and treetop adventure courses.

Before You Go

Choose an activity that everyone you are going with can enjoy. Find out about the best places to go to experience the activity you’ve chosen, or go somewhere that will let you have a try at all sorts of different activities. If the sport you want to try involves using special equipment or clothing, find out what you need and whether it’s more economical to buy or hire. Check to see if you need any permits or licenses where you’re going, and brush up on any local laws that may be relevant while you’re away. You may want to book some lessons before you commit to a specific sporting vacation, to see if it’s worth spending a whole trip on one sport. Find a qualified and experienced trainer who can help you get the hang of any new sport safely and effectively.

Trying new things is a great way of refreshing your mind and body and renewing your enthusiasm for the activities you love. You could also find that you have embarked upon a journey of discovery that brings new perspectives and pleasures to your life.

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