American figure skating champion JoJo Starbuck takes Serenity King, 7, of Detroit around the ice rink at Campus Martius Park in downtown Detroit on Saturday. Starbuck and children of incarcerated or formerly incarcerated parents spent the day at the Angel Tree Sports Clinic that was organized by Prison Fellowship, […]

The children, whose parents are incarcerated or formerly incarcerated, came out to skate with┬áStarbuck, a former Olympian and Ice Capades┬áskater, at the Angel Tree Sports Clinic. The clinic was organized by Prison Fellowship, the nation’s largest Christian nonprofit organization serving prisoners, former prisoners and their families.

It is the second year Starbuck has come to Detroit to skate with the children for an afternoon, teaching them some of the basics and bringing a smile to their faces.

“It was just nice knowing that these kids who have a really tough journey right now, with a parent being in prison, that’s a lot as a child to deal with,” Starbuck said. “If we can lighten their load and give them joy and let them know that they’re cared about and they’re important and valuable, that’s the message.”

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