Zhou wins, Kondratyuk fifth

The Nebelhorn Trophy Challenger Series is the last opportunity to win quotas for the Beijing Olympic Games. The Russian national team received the right to apply for three tickets thanks to a successful performance Mikhail Kolyada and Evgeniya Semenenko at the World Championships in Stockholm. The Americans found themselves in the same situation, and they were entrusted with confirming the maximum quota. Vincent Zhouthat unexpectedly failed in Sweden.

Already in the short program, the bronze medalist of the 2019 World Cup showed that it was not for nothing that he was called the main favorite of the tournament in Oberstdorf. Despite the under-rotation recorded on both quadruple jumps, Vincent made a powerful impression on both the audience and the judges. For good pluses, non-jumping elements were worked out – the final sequence of steps from Vincent turned out to be very emotional. Zhou barely reached the grandmaster milestone of 100 points, but his 97.35 score was enough for him to confidently win the short program…

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