The Olympic figure skating competition will consist of five medal events (in chronological order): team event, pairs, men’s singles, ice dance, and ladies’ singles.

The 2022 Olympic Winter Games mark the third time the team event has been held.

Competition Format

The singles and pairs events consist of two portions: the short program and the free skate.

The ice dance event also consists of two portions: the short dance and the free dance.

The team event consists of eight portions: short program/short dance for each discipline and free skate/free dance for each discipline.

The allotted time for each program is as follows:

Men’s, ladies’, and pairs’ short programs – 2 minutes, 40 seconds (plus or minus 10 seconds)
Ladies’ free skate – 4 minutes (plus or minus 10 seconds)
Men’s and pairs’ free skates – 4 minutes, 30 seconds (plus or minus 10 seconds)
Short dance – 2 minutes, 50 seconds (plus or minus 10 seconds)
Free dance – 4 minutes (plus or minus 10 seconds)


There are two sets of people who control the marks the skater(s) receive: the judges and the technical panel.

The technical panel is responsible for identifying the elements (the kind of jump, the type of spin, etc.) along with assigning levels for spins and step sequences and determining whether a jump was under-rotated, etc. Each of the elements the technical panel calls has a specified base value as dictated by the Scale of Values…

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