Soap Opera in Russia

When Russian quad-jumping prodigy Alexandra Trusova parted ways with her famed coach, Eteri Tutberidze, she was quickly denounced as a traitor by some of her former colleagues.

But how did a tiny 15-year-old girl with astonishing technical potential become an issue of such dispute that she would go on to expose the unsavory side of the national figure skating team?

There was nothing new in Alexandra Trusova’s decision to switch coaches after she failed to win her first major titles at senior level. Many of her predecessors had done it without being accused of being ungrateful.

If you decide to leave, you should do it in the correct way, not as it was done by Trusova. When a person is a traitor, she doesn’t exist for us anymore,” Tutberidze’s choreographer, Alexey Zheleznyakov, said.

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