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Which ice skates for kids are best?

Ice skating is a fun hobby for children that’s great exercise to boot. Whether your child is hitting the rink for the first time or taking weekly lessons, the right pair of ice skates can make all the difference in helping them enjoy their experience.

Many children’s ice skates are designed to grow with your child, which is great news, since ice skates can be expensive. Our shopping guide covers all the factors you’ll want to consider before making a purchase, like style, sizing, adjustability, and closures. We also share our top recommendations at the end, including the easy-to-wear Lake Placid Starglide Double Runner Figure Ice Skate.

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What to know before you buy ice skates for kids


It’s important to know that ice skate sizes and shoe sizes don’t match. Measure your child’s feet (while they’re sitting down) and review a brand’s sizing chart before making a purchase. Resist sizing up when purchasing children’s ice skates — properly fitting skates should be snug, leaving just a finger’s length of space behind the heel before the closures are tightened.


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