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by Olympics Fan 

It’s chilling in quite a few places around the world and as mind numbing as this cold is, it’s turned out to be good for all the sports buffs whose excitement are rooted in the games of ice skating. Rolling your eyes, aren’t ya? Here we list top 5 reasons why you should be on the very edge of your tip-toes for another exciting icy feast of Winter Olympic Games, 2014.

1. The Patrick Chan Plan

2010 left Patrick Chan thinking about his strategy into its last details. Well, no wonder when an athletic mind like Chan get four long years of ice-time; it will pull a trick that can beat the best. One can bet that he has a winning plan and is confident about it. He has showcased some part of that already, if statistics were anything to go by, in 2011, 2012 and 2013 successive wins in Moscow, Nice and London, respectively. Patrick Chan is the skater to watch for. For he not only relishes the music on which he skates but opines that he is the best enemy – an attitude of one with an earnest desire to win!

2. Mikaela Shiffrin v/s Marlies Schild

World Alpine ski racer Marlies Schild amazed with a record win at Leinz at 0.41 seconds and will certainly go for a kill this time! Why so? Well, not later than a week was she overtaken by skier Mikaela Shiffrin. The competition will be the one certainly worth awaiting! While experience may side Schild, Shiffrin is not far behind when it comes to beating the challenge in the world of ski slalom.

3. Sochi Venues

To say the least about Sochi venues – awesome! One can go on taking excerpts of appreciations of experts on operational readiness and effort that went into getting everything spruced up for high quality competition, but there is no greater a reward than that instinctive exclamations that go unsuppressed when the venues meet the eyes. We strongly recommend watching the pictures yourself. Go take a look if you want to be amazed.

4. Every man or woman for themselves

Trust me, every sport becomes all the more exciting when there is no clear favorite and all are competing to prove a point. While there are many group games that have inclined opinions, the individual games of figure skating lack a clear favorite. That bring a lot of meat to the excitement you might already be nursing. There are lots of potentials in both the categories and one can bet on anyone of them waiting to see it come true. Of course, the best performance on the D-day will take the glory but the journey to the top will be no less fulfilling for sure!

 5. Other Games, too!

While skating with its flavors (short track speed skating, speed skating) looks quite exciting we cannot overlook other games at all! What with the fabulous downhill Alpine skiing, Cross-country and free-style skiing always grasping the attention due the very nature of the game! And who can forget ice-hockey? Well they all have my nerves bubbling up for sure and I can’t see why any average sports fan won’t be excited!

The Winter Olympics, once every four years, does it get any better!

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