Everything You’ve Wanted To Know About The Teen Figure Skating Sensation

Jimmy Fallon asked Alysa Liu to sing on “The Tonight Show.”

“I said no because I don’t know how to sing,” said Liu.

She was invited on the show not because she’s a triple threat – acting, singing and dancing – but because she has the triple axel.

And that makes her a virtuoso on the ice.

Liu landed three triple axels, including two in her free skate, en route to becoming the youngest U.S. figure skating champion in history at age 13.

How many people appear on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” before they’re old enough to watch it in its late-night time slot?

Liu said she catches the show in her free time on YouTube. She actually has more free time nowadays than skaters she defeated in Detroit two weeks ago.

That’s because Liu is …

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