SPOKANE, Wash- The Beijing Winter Olympics are fast approaching, athletes from across the country are preparing to make the case to their respective sports, that they deserve a spot on the team.

Last week the United States Figure Skating Association hosted its annual nationals competition, skaters were across the country decided on Sin City with the hope of making a mark on the skating world.

One of those skaters is from the Seattle area, Jean-Luc Baker, he represents the Seattle Figure Skating Club.

Baker and his skating partner Kaitlin Hawayek represent Team USA on behalf of USFSA in the sport of ice dance.

The ice dancing team made major waves in the sport of figure skating over the last few years, just last weekend they had a podium finish which will help make the case that they deserve to go to the Olympics.

“We felt really good getting the third-place position,” Baker said, “we were happy with our performances that we put out— we know that it’s a tall order to be competitive with the two teams in front of us.”

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