Some gamblers like to take a cautious approach to their betting, whilst others like to dive in and learn on the go. Whether you choose to play online or at land-based casinos, both approaches can work for you. However, the cautious approach is possibly the better of the two options. Before you play, it is important to understand that casinos like King Casino are businesses that exist to make money from punters. All the games they offer are in fact money-spinners for them and this is how casinos make most of their profits. All games give the house an edge over the punter. The house age is the largest with slots and the smallest with table games, despite this, slots are still the most popular of all casino gambling games. The house edge does not mean that players can never win as many customers do and some even bag major jackpots. However, the odds do favour the house both online and at bricks and mortar establishments and this is well worth bearing in mind.

Responsible Gambling 

If you choose online casinos as your gambling place of choice, then it is well worth noting that you can take advantage of the responsible gambling tools that all casinos now must offer punters by law. So even before you spin a reel, you can set deposit and loss limits and session reminders. Deposit limits are a great tool to utilize because they prevent you from spending your entire bankroll in one night and if they are set low enough, then they make it impossible for you to chase your losses. 


Cheating is impossible online and almost impossible at land-based casinos. If you enter a bricks and mortar establishment then CCTV monitors customers and their behavior. If you’re   caught cheating, you will be blacklisted from that particular venue and probably all land-based casinos too, you may even face prison time. 

Random Results 

All slots and other virtual games are tested by third parties to make sure that the casino hasn’t fixed the games, or decreased the payout percentages. The games are also tested for randomness of results and whether they keep to the set house edge that they hold over punters. Increasing the house edge, or fixing the spins can lead to casinos being prosecuted. 

Welcome Bonuses 

It’s worth knowing that if you play online most casinos will tempt you to join with a bonus offer of a deposit match and free spins. If you are contemplating taking up one of these offers then it is vital that you read the small print. Bonuses come with many terms and conditions and breaking any of these can lead to you forfeiting the bonus completely. Common bonus rules include wagering requirements attached to bonus cash, limited spin stake values and time limits on activating and using your bonus cash and free spins. 

RTP and RNG 

RTP refers to the Return to Player percentage of casino games, the higher the score the more generous the payouts and the RNG is a computer chip that ensures all spins are random.

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