Women’s ice skates should offer proper support when you’re gliding across the ice, as well as a comfortable fit to avoid blisters and foot pain. So, whether you’re a casual, weekend-only skater or a competitive skater looking to take first place, finding the right skates to fit your skill level and personal preferences is key to having fun and success on the ice.

With our shopping guide, you’ll have all the tips you need to find the best women’s ice skates for your next trip to the rink. We’ve included some specific product recommendations, too, like our top pick from Jackson, which offers extremely accurate sizing and works well for new skaters just learning to do spins and other tricks.

When you’re choosing women’s ice skates, start by considering your skill level. Beginner and novice ice skates are slightly different from advanced skilled figure and competition ice skates, so you want to choose a pair that will maximize your skills.

Beginner ice skates typically offer extra padding and more flexible materials to make them more comfortable; many feature smaller toe picks, too, which can prevent you from tripping as you’re learning to skate but don’t allow you to perform many tricks. Beginner skates are also made of synthetic materials, so they’re more affordable and have greater flexibility…

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