This time it is Bonnie Tinder, who is the Founder & CEO of Raven Intel, a peer review site (similar to Yelp! or Glassdoor) for Enterprise Software Consulting. After spending the past 2 decades in the HR Technology space, she started her business in 2018 to give software customers a way to make a well-informed decision in an implementation partner. She lives in Chicago with her husband, 14-year-old son and dog, Grommet. (Yes, Bonnie is a repeat contributor – a few weeks ago she wrote about Grommet. I am convinced Grommet coerced her to write that, so I invited her to write another.) Her hobbies include traveling, music and figure-skating—which she started taking lessons at age 40, and writes about here:

When I was 10 years old, my parents took me to a production of Ice Capades. Ice Capades was big in the 70s and 80s and the predecessor to today’s modern events like “Disney on Ice”. Part ice show, part circus – it mesmerized me. Maybe it was the amazing sequin costumes or the theatrics or the graceful, athletic nature of the ballet on ice, but I left that night wanting to be a figure skater. It is a dream that has stuck with me to this day. Spoiler alert: I did not become a professional figure skater, but skating has been something that has brought a tremendous amount of joy and importance to my life journey—even now in my mid-40s.

Early Years

Growing up in a family that …  read on:

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