Lake Placid’s 40th anniversary celebration of the 1980 Olympic Winter Games

The stories told were many, from those of triumph to those of disappointment, but they all seemed to include a common thread -that the skaters were grateful to be back.

“There’s just nothing but gratitude is all I feel, just to be given the opportunity to come back to Lake Placid,” said Scott Hamilton, who placed fifth in the 1980 Winter Olympics and won a gold medal at the 1984 Olympic Winter Games in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia. “It was memorable on every level, and I think that’s one of the basic reasons we’re here is to celebrate 16 of the greatest days all of us got to experience. … And thank you, Paul Wylie, for making this happen.”

Dream On was not just a show; it was a gala. Tables lined the ice surface, hosting VIPs that included the 1980 team members and other passionate skating fans, most of whom had strong ties to Lake Placid and its skating legacy. They enjoyed dinner rink-side before the show, and afterward, they could skate on the ice.

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