CHANGCHUN, China, Sept. 15 (Xinhua) — Following are the official figure skating results from the ice dance event at 2019/2020 Chinese National Figure Skating Championships on Sunday:

Free Dance

1.Wang Shiyue/Liu Xinyu, 117.23 points

2. Chen Hong/Sun Zhuoming, 110.01

3. Ning Wanqi/Wang Chao, 97.43

4. Shi Shang/Wu Nan, 97.03

5.Guo Yuzhu/Zhao Pengkun, 96.66

6.Ren Junfei/Alexey Karpushov, 92.80

7.Chen Xuan/Zhao Kaige, 81.35

8.Liu Tong/Ge Quanshuo, 71.45


1. Wang Shiyue/Liu Xinyu, 192.58Ā  points

2. Chen Hong/Sun Zhuoming, 181.99

3. Ning Wanqi/Wang Chao, 157.48

4. Guo Yuzhu/Zhao Pengkun, 152.20

5. Shi Shang/Wu Nan, 151.81

6. Ren Junfei/Alexey Karpushov, 151.21

7. Chen Xuan/Zhao Kaige, 129.28

8. Liu Tong/Ge Quanshu, 121.00


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