Q. My daughter is 10, and she has been skating for two years and she is now on her Axel but not landed it yet. I want a diet and exercise program for her that she can do in her room before school using the VCR. Can you recommend a video for her to work along with in the mornings. Also any videos that she can look at for extension of arms, landings etc and body, hand posture. I do not have the extra money for ballet lessons. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated. Thank you!!!!!

A. Hello, and thanks for your question. There are instructional videos on the market for both ballet and pilates. Three for Ballet are : The Ballet Workout, Ballet Class for Beginners, A Fantasy Garden Ballet Class (for younger kids). We plan to have these available on our site soon, but for right now you may search through Amazon and do a video search for ballet. I also recommend Pilates for ice skaters. This is an exercise method designed to develop strength and flexibility.

Ann-Margreth Frei instructional video series on DVD
Learn from a Champ

Some videos for Pilates are: Denise Austin- Mat Workout, Hillary Burnett’s: Mind, Body Mat, and The Method:Dynamic Toning. You also might check at the YMCA; frequently they offer classes in ballet or pilates at inexpensive costs.

We also have a set of videos on our site called the Magic of Style, which are very good and I highly recommend them. We have numerous books on diet and health in our Skater’s Library so please refer to it for diet information. I hope that I have been of some help.

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