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Coaching skating is a challenging job. It’s a difficult sport with a lot of complicated moves to be learned. As a coach, it’s your job to get your kids up to speed and doing their best. If you’ve had trouble or frustrations in the past, don’t give up.

Just like your athlete can improve, so can you as a coach. Learn what you need to know to help yourself mature as a mentor and teacher. You have to be willing to flex and learn if you want to get to a better place. This way you’ll be on your way to making athletes into champions in no time.

Embrace Mistakes

Don’t be that person who only notices when someone’s excelling. Learn to embrace your athlete’s mistakes and help him or her learn from them. Use it as an opportunity to teach them a new skill. You’ll notice your skater starts to take to your critiques better and is able to adjust accordingly. Shouting and yelling may be your preference, but try to view mistakes as a learning tool and notice that it gets you further along with your athlete.

Use Rewards

Provide a motivator for your skater and dish out rewards for a job well done. For example, check out the latest Ticket sales and send them to a play or show that they’ll enjoy. They’ll appreciate the gesture so much that they’ll be inclined to work even harder next time. Let your skater know ahead of time that you’ll be presenting rewards every time they go above and beyond. You’ll both be happy because you’ll get the results you want and your athlete will be winning competitions left and right.

Encourage, Don’t Push

Make it a point to encourage your athlete, instead of pushing them. Forcing your own opinions and reminiscing about your past isn’t helping your skater improve. Try a softer approach that gives them a mental boost and doesn’t crush their confidence. Pushing them too hard will only push them off the ice rink and into trying a different sport. Use positive reinforcement to get them to do what you’re asking and keep pointing out what their strengths are on the rink.

Observe other Coaches

The only way for you to get better is to watch others who are in your shoes and doing an excellent job. Go and observe other coaches who you admire and look up to. Ask if they’ll take the time to sit with you and discuss any tips they have for being a standup coach. It’s worth your time and effort to watch carefully and adjust your ways with what works. It’s the only way for you to mature and grow, which is similar to how you want your athletes to develop.


Coaching skating, or any sport, is a challenging job. You have to find the right balance of giving your input and letting them improve their skills on their own. Focus on what you do best and let your talents show through your athlete’s performances.

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