It’s been a tumultuous summer for the Lincoln Center Skate Club, but last weekend, the club got back to competition when 17 skaters competed in the 44th Annual Kathy Slack Troy Summer Competition in Troy, Ohio. Nine LCSC skaters picked up first-place finishes, and several others medaled with ….

“The last big thing we did was the ice show in April, and then May is kind of slow and in June, everybody is back on the ice training,” Katie Baxter said. “So this is basically the biggest group that we’ve taken to a competition this season.”

Michaela Aker, who will be a fifth-grader at St. Peter’s Lutheran School, was a double-winner, taking the beginner ladies compulsory moves and beginner ladies free skate. Madeleine Shaw of Bloomington won the novice ladies jump challenge and qualified for a national competition.

Vincia Li, who will be a sixth-grader at Southside Elementary, won the pre-preliminary compulsory moves. Compulsory moves is the younger version of a short program, which has required elements that must be performed.

“For my freeskate, I was a little disappointed because I had a fall,” Li said. “But for my compulsory moves program, I felt really happy about it.”  More…

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