In addition a robust hockey schedule, the arena offers several public skate options. These are opportunities for the public to come and enjoy the arena for themselves. According to bookkeeper Jaymie Noble, who does much of the arena’s advertising, public skate is something the business hopes to make the public aware of moving forward.

The Helena Ice Arena has served the area for more than 20 years. Manager Stan Senechal originally worked on the building when it was being constructed. He said around 1995 he was working for an engineering company and did much of the building’s mechanical and electrical engineering.

Noble said the business can be broken down into a few areas: hockey, public skate, apparel, concessions and ice rentals. She said ice rentals make up the majority of the arena’s profits. Nearly anyone can rent the arena space for private or public use. This includes tournaments, youth hockey, junior hockey, birthday parties and any number of other events…

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