“My mom always loved figure skating. She would watch it on TV and just me being a little toddler, I would just copy everything the skater was doing,” said Levito, who started skating eight years ago. “My mom had the idea of maybe bringing me to an ice rink. That’s when it all started.”

“When she was little, we started working on the beginning basic skills,” [her coach] Kuznetsova added. “Then she fell in love with the whole process. I took her to the big girl classes and wanted to see how she was gonna handle it, how the older girls work. So she was handling it pretty well. We learned to toughen up and compete with bigger girls. We’ve grown and grown and grown with the bigger girls, start growing up, start winning. (Things are) looking up now, nationally. Hopefully we’re gonna go further and go to World (Championships) and Olympics.”

Friday afternoon, Levito and Kuznetsova visited the Flyers locker room to meet Carter Hart, Levito’s favorite player.

She met a pair of Olympians in James van Riemsdyk and Jake Voracek and in six years she might be able …

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