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by Katherine Ruch

In terms of being dedicated to the cause, I have thought about whether or not I’m just really dedicated, slightly nuts, or a happy mix of both? The month of March has held snow, heavy showers and tornadoes around the state of Kentucky. On the day of the Tornado watch while most were running errands and preparing to hunker down, I decided to head to the ice rink like any dedicated crazy person! With an ice rink that is below ground, you can’t be any safer in your basement than at the locker room at the rink! It was a great day to figure skate because there was almost no one there and at it reminded me of what is really important. My friends and family were all safe and I get the gift of doing what I love pretty much every day. Crazy or not, I sure did feel lucky that day.

The month of March holds not just a Competition for me but also a Moves in the Field Test! The competition is going to be interesting simply because I have been putting so much of my effort into this test! It can’t possibly be a good sign that I can count the number of times I have done my program during the last two weeks on both hands! The competition happens to be the weekend after the test so maybe after a breathe a very short sigh of relief I can put all my focus into that!

I know that regardless of how the test pans out, I will be able to say that I put all the preparation into it that I possibly could. I have literally gone through each of the moves countless times, especially those darn Brackets! I’m even thinking about the test while I’m trying to sleep! With a little less than a week before the test, I have devised some goals of my own!
1. Regardless of how the test goes, I will keep skating and giving it my all!

2. Keep smiling regardless. Maybe the judges will be so disturbed they won’t notice what my feet are doing!

3. Remember to Breathe. It wouldn’t be so very funny to pass out in the middle of the test!

Above all, I think I need to remember why I love this sport so very much and reflect on how lucky I am that I get to be a part of it! Already crossing my fingers though!

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