In the nearly 100-year history of the Winter Olympiad, only three towns have hosted the Games multiple times.

The first? St. Moritz, Switzerland (1928 and 1946). The second? Innsbruck, Austria (1964 and 1976). And the third is Lake Placid, New York, which hosted the Games in 1932 and then again in 1980.

Though it’s been 40 years since Lake Placid last brought the world’s winter athletes together in one place, the Adirondack town of fewer than 3,000 residents still carries the Olympic torch with pride (sometimes literally, like during an Opening Ceremony re-enactment that occurred on Valentine’s Day).

Around town, evidence of Lake Placid’s link to the Winter Games is everywhere, from the selections that top the shelves in the bookstore to the centrally located Olympic Center that played host to “The Miracle on Ice” in 1980 and has welcomed hockey fans and players for tournaments ever since.

And, of course, there are the Olympians themselves.

Locals routinely cross paths with members of the Olympic team who live …

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