Despite the struggles of both hockey teams during the St. Olaf Ice Arena inaugural season, St. Olaf students can take solace in the fact that this $6 million venture is being put to good use by our community.

Three times a week, the graceful blades of the figure skating club cut up the ice, demonstrating the finest in St. Olaf ice dancing. From beginners to professionals, all are welcome to participate in this graceful, if not chilly, activity.

“Our mission is to make skating as accessible as possible,” club Co-Founder Sena Spinella ’19 said. Spinella was formerly a professional ice skater with Disney on Ice.

“In the real world, it’s not really accessible. It’s a really expensive sport and a lot of people have to drive hours to get to practice, so it’s really exciting that we have this here on our campus,” Spinella said.

The club seeks to create an environment where the group can have fun, fundraise and put on shows together.

It is not just the coaches enjoying time on the ice.

“It’s my favorite part of the week. The coaches are really talented and super helpful,” Lily Klepeis ’21 said. “I feel like I’m really learning a lot and getting a chance to hone my skills.”   more…

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