“Skating is the vessel into which I pour my heart and soul.” This beautiful quote holds true for 12-year-old Nadia Bergh who aims for perfection each time she glides on ice. The little figure skater was inspired to take up the sport after watching her babysitter gracefully stake at a young age.

Speaking to the SUN, the talented Grade 7 learner said, “I love skating because there is always the next challenge. It isn’t like a game that can be completed. Once you mastered your single jumps, you work on doubles. When you master your doubles, you start working on triples. I love setting goals for myself and skating allows me to keep pushing forward. It is a very hard sport. Skaters make it look so easy, but it is probably the toughest sport to master. I have had so many skating injuries from hurting my hip and back, getting a concussion, fracturing my wrist and multiple bruises and cuts. At competitions, we have to keep on performing with a smile even if you get hurt and that is hard.”

Her favorite skating move at the moment is the axel, which took her two years to master. A recent inter-provincial competition in Gauteng was the most enjoyable one for her so far. Aside from performing wonderfully at the event, she also enjoyed interacting with other skaters who she met over the years. Nadia trains at the Durban Ice Arena three to four times a week. This includes lessons with her coaches, Heather Ashley, Dean Fox and Victoria Andrews who assists with choreography and off-ice training…

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