2015 Skating CalendarYes, it’s true.  There is an annual online sale devoted specifically to figure skaters, fans and even coaches.  The 5th annual Cyber Ice Skating Sale has begun at IceSkatingProShop.com and runs for over a week, ending on Sunday, December 14, 2015. The Cyber Skating Sale, which officially began late last week exclusively for email subscribers, is now open to everyone.  The sale features discounts on the entire line of products in the IceSkatingWorld Pro Shop, from figure skating accessories to instructional videos and exercise equipment designed specifically for ice skaters.  By entering the coupon code ” PSIE7K658 ” upon checkout, visitors save an amazing 17% on everything in the figure skating pro shop.

This includes two brand new products released this season by Ice Skating World.  The new Ice Skating Desk Calendar and Ice Skating Wall Calendar feature fantastic photos and marks the important competition dates from around the globe.

After four successful post-Thanksgiving runs, the Cyber Ice Skating Sale returns by popular demand.  This year IceSkatingWorld has introduced new items and slashed prices across the board in every category. The 17% off Cyber Week sale is exclusively on the online store located at IceSkatingProShop.com.

 “We had never seen an online sale devoted specifically to figure skaters,” explained Marta Nilsen, managing partner since 1999.  “Our clientele , which includes parent, coaches and active skaters, want significant savings on items they use in their favorite sport every day.”

“Figure skaters and fans of the sport can take advantage of the store-wide discount from anywhere in the world,” continued Nilsen, who started the Cyber Skating Sale in 2010.

Instead of the Cyber Ice Skating Sale lasting only 24 hours, and subsequently many people missing out on the event, the site keeps it up and online for over a week. This is especially important since many of the site’s visitors are in various time zones. The coupon code – PSIE7K658 – expires on Sunday, December 14th. There is no minimum purchase required.

figure skating world ABOUT ICE SKATING WORLD LLC

IceSkatingWorld LLC has been serving the ice skating community since 1999 by providing resources for figure skaters, parents, coaches and skating fans.  Among the resources offered include articles on improving figure skating skills, choosing an instructor, selecting equipment, and much more.

Founded in 1999 by Richard and Marta Nilsen, who is a Master-rated PSA coach,  IceSkatingWorld LLC has been serving the ice skating community since then by providing resources for figure skaters, parents, coaches and skating fans. In 2004 an online pro shop was added, offering merchandise from the leading manufacturers within the figure skating industry. Items from the online Pro Shop include protective gel pads, off-ice training tools, dresses, skates, spinners and more. The products ship worldwide and are guaranteed.

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