Figure Skating Education

Learning to Ice Skate Is Easier Than You Think

Some people think that all Vermonters are nuts about winter sports. If you grew up here, surely you must be an expert snowboarder, cross-country skier, ice climber, curling lead and…
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Ice skating news

Skating swiftly: Your child’s dedication can yield rewards in Delta

Whether your child has a competitive spirit or simply wants to learn to figure skate at their own pace for self-enjoyment, the opportunity is available for them in Delta with…
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Your Hardest Figure Skating Jump or Move

We quizzed our over 4,800 friends on Facebook about what was the hardest move or jump they had trouble learning. We received over 100 comments from figure skaters all around…
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Ask the Skating Pro

Ask the Skating Pro: What is the Difference Between a Mohawk and a Choctaw?

Ask the Figure Skating Professional Q. What is the difference between a Mohawk and a Choctaw? A. When doing a Mohawk you remain on the same edge after the change…
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Mennen Sports Arena’s ‘Learn-To-Skate’ 1 of Top 5 In The Country

 MORRIS COUNTY - Mennen Sports Arena 'Learn-To-Skate' program has been cited by Figure Skating (USFSA) as one of the top five programs in the country and is recognized for their…
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5 Ways to Make Better Ice Skating Progress this Season

by Marta Nilsen, PSA Master-rated coach Do you have goals for this upcoming figure skating season? Here are five steps for improving your figure skating and making better progress during…
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The Key to a Beautiful Skating Program

by Catherine Collings , CEO Ultimate Edges of Excellence The "Ultimate" goal in Figure Skating is to score the highest amount of points. In order to do this, it has been…
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