QnA: How do we keep my son’s feet warmer on the ice?

ASK THE SKATING PRO Q. My 6 year old son just started taking lessons, his feet type of socks should he wear? A. Usually we wear one thin pair of…
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Plyometrics: Beneficial for All Disciplines of Skating, Singles, Pairs and Ice Dance

 by Carl M. Poe Reprinted with premission from :The Professional Skater Magazine July / August 1996 - pp. 37 - 38. ©1996 by Professional Skaters Association With the emergence of various…
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How Can Synchronized Skating Help my (or my child’s) Figure Skating?

by Dierdre Dizon Drill teams and precision have received a bad wrap. While some parents may have let their daughters join a team for a year for fun, if your child…
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QnA: Recommendations for Diet and Exercise Programs

ASK THE SKATING PRO Q. My daughter is 10, and she has been skating for two years and she is now on her Axel but not landed it yet. I…
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