Carpentersville native Bradie Tennell has no idea how it all began.

But she is pretty sure that her figure skating career, which started two decades ago when she was 2 years old, is getting closer to reaching her end game…

At the U.S. Figure Skating Championships in Las Vegas, Tennell, freshened up by a new coach and a change of scenery, won her second national title since 2018, and gave what many experts called a “near flawless” performance.

“It’s the best I’ve ever skated, and to be a national champion a year out from the 2022 Olympics is a pretty good position to be in,” Tennell, 22, said of her performance. “I just relaxed and stayed in the moment and I allowed myself to really enjoy my performance.”

It kind of felt like the old days for Tennell, currently ranked the No. 2 figure skater in the world by the International Skating Union. Make that the old, old days when she was first getting started and skated simply because she just loved it…

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