Where has Ashley Wagner been for most of this year?

On the ice, of course, skating with the Stars On Ice tour or just trying to stay in shape.

Don’t interpret her absence from competition since 2018 as Wagner unlacing her skates.

“I’ve always loved skating in shows and exhibitions,” said Wagner, a three-time U.S. champion and 2014 Olympics bronze medalist. “For me, I’m a performer through and through. Being out on the ice performing is where I’m the happiest.”

Wagner, 28, will return to a competition of sorts Aug. 20-25 as the inaugural Aurora Games roll into Times Union Center.

The only figure skater announced so far, Wagner will lead Team Americas into a duel with Team World in what is billed as an all-women sports festival.

“I am ridiculously competitive,” she said, “so I am going to come in and be as prepared as I can be, not only put on a show but get the job done.”

There will be judges and short programs and long programs, but a lot of the pressure Wagner and others who pursue sport at its highest level will be withered…

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