Adaptive Skating USA, a NJ nonprofit organization, announced a new adaptive ice skating program which is free and open to service-disabled Veterans/disabled service members of differing abilities. The program is hosted at New York City Central Park’s famed Wollman Rink and is made possible through the generosity of the […]

Adaptive Skating USA has been a labor of love for Sherri Putnam, a service-disabled Veteran who wanted to combine her passion for ice skating with her desire to honor Veterans and service members who have given so much to their country. Young men and women are typically in excellent health when they join the military. They must pass rigorous training and examinations to be prepared for the demands of service. Yet Veterans often come home in an entirely different state – they must fight to regain their health, manage a disorder or disability, and restore relationships with loved ones.

Adaptive Skating USA’s aim is to empower these individuals to win this battle through the exhilarating and wellness-promoting activity of ice skating. In addition to Adaptive Skating USA’s sponsorship covering participation costs within the context of a community-based, socially-inclusive program, ice skating has many physical, mental, and social benefits. Participation in ice skating has been found to contribute to better breathing, improved circulation and balance, better posture and overall strength…

More about the Adaptive ice skating program in New York:

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