By Marta Nilsen

Local Christmas Ice Shows took on new meaning last week. Typically during the past 12 years, a Christmas Show for me meant long hours in the cold and little pay since I was usually producing, choreographing or performing in the show. I never really got to just sit back and enjoy the spectacle. Last weekend I attended a local Christmas Ice Show at Countryside Mall Ice Arena in Clearwater, FL.  It was so nice to stand back and enjoy the skating, costumes and music without any of the hassle I normally experience.

John Zimmerman
John Zimmerman

There’s nothing quite like a good ice show to get you into the Christmas spirit. Although I would have liked to have had a seat and enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate during the show, it wasn’t very long so standing was alright.

The guest performers were celebrity skaters Todd Eldredge and John Zimmerman who both performed with enthusiasm rarely seen at local events. Both seemed to enjoy their programs and brought a higher quality to the show than it otherwise would have had.

The regional synchronized skating teams were also a highlight in the show. They performed several elements difficult to do on a small sheet of ice. I highly recommend that anyone take advantage of local ice shows and venture out not only to support the local clubs but also to relax and enjoy some great local talent!


Editor: For videos of both Todd and John skating at this event, visit

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