Playing sports is fun and thrilling. This is why events such as the Super Bowl, The World Cup, and the Olympics attract massive audiences. They are exciting and get your blood running even if you are just watching from your couch. Although most of them are just fun to watch, there are a few others that most would love to learn how play. These are game that get you sucked in from the word go. Games that require grace and a high level of mastery. These are games that make you forget about winning and losing as you get lost in the beauty of it all. They may not be the most popular, but they are very entertaining:

Ice Skating

First of all, a lot of people across the globe have never set eyes on an ice skating arena which is also part of the appeal. The idea that one can glide through frozen water with such swiftness is fascinating to many. It looks like a game that requires discipline and unwavering focus. It also requires great creativity and charisma. You have to be an artist in order to pull off an impressive performance that will leave the audience with their mouths wide open.


What do you get when you take badminton, table tennis and tennis then combine them all together? The answer is Pickleball. It picks the best of each of the three sports and turns them into something amazing. For starters, you can pay it both indoors and outdoors. It borrows its paddle from table tennis but they are a little more advanced as you can see from the in-depth review on The court and format is similar to that of double badminton with two players on either side. The rules and the net, on the other hand, are derived from tennis. With pickleball, you are able to play three amazing racket games all at once.


If you are a fan of action movies, then you are probably familiar with the term parkour. It is a form of gymnastics that lies more on the artistic side. It is like the freestyle, self-expression side of gymnastics. It is a streets culture that many young enthusiasts are adopting as a way of life. It was pioneered by actor David Belle who brought it to worldwide popularity through the movie, District 13. The best way to define parkour is the use of military-style tactics to avoid obstacles and find the shortest route from point A to B (you can also call it the art of freerunning).

Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee is the ultimate college sport. If playing regular Frisbee with your friends or pet is fun, imagine how much fun turning it into a fully-fledged game can be? The biggest appeal of the game is the fact that there are no referees. It relies fully on sportsmanship and each player is obliged to be responsible for his own foul play. This is a rule that applies even in the highest level of competition. For the sake of fairness and accountability, there are observers who ensure that the players remain true.

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