It’s small, but with a fairytale backdrop of Quebec City’s ancient walls and the stately Palais Montcalm, this little ice rink celebrates the winter season with exquisite perfection. In the evening, thousands of colored lights create a most magical setting, especially when snowflakes float down from above. It’s located right outside St.-Jean Gate, leading into the old city, where more magic awaits along cobbled streets.

The rink is open mid-November to mid-March. Access to the rink is free, and skates can be rented at the nearby Pavillon des Services…

In the depths of winter, Kunming Lake becomes Beijing’s largest skating rink—172 acres, with six entrances! And at this one, you don’t need ice skates. Instead, hop on an ice bike or ice cart for singles or doubles (though ice skates are perfectly fine, too). As you glide about this expanse of ice, you’ll have captivating views of the Qing-era Summer Palace, once China’s most impressive imperial playground; Longevity Hill, Tower of the Buddhist Incense, Seventeen-arch Bridge, and other ancient structures sprinkle the shoreline like an ancient Chinese watercolor.

The rink is open early January to late February (depending on the ice conditions)….

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